Infinity Real Estate Holdings Joins Hands with Bluebell Group for Its Luxury Real Estate Investment Activities and IPO in Thailand


Infinity Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd. (IREH) has retained the services of Bluebell Group effective 15th December 2023 in order to help Infinity Real Estate Holdings navigate through strategic investment opportunities in the region and, importantly, to provide advice and support in preparation for IPO in 2026.


Infinity Real Estate Holdings (IREH) was incorporated in Thailand with a core focus on luxury property development, entertainment, and other investment activities. IREH operates as a hybrid investment model, essentially a real estate investment company backed by a private equity fund. IREH was founded to spearhead its unique expansion into Thailand’s luxury real estate market. The company has established a reputation in the luxury real estate industry across the Asia-Pacific countries, with award-winning sister properties in Japan, Malaysia, and Australia. With solid fundamentals and an innovative approach, IREH aims to redefine real estate investments in what is a traditional market segment, especially in Thailand.


Jonathan Cheng, group CEO for Infinity Real Estate Holdings, says “our solid track record has cemented our reputation as a leading developer of strategic, opulent properties, known for our discernment of lucrative opportunities, incisive business acumen and delivering consistently high returns.”


“Retaining Bluebell marks a major step forward for our company as we take IREH to the next level. We are confident that given Bluebell’s stellar track record and professional knowledge, we will be able to achieve our IPO in the next 24 months”, adds Mr. Cheng.


Bluebell Group was established by a group of well-seasoned professionals who have years of experience in capital markets and the investment banking industry, helping individual investors and corporate companies pave the road to success. The company has advised UHNW individuals with the right investment opportunities and has also helped steer large corporations with their investment portfolios and through their IPO journey.


“Our reputation of maintaining consistently high standards in the selection of investment products, instilling a high level of confidence and trust amongst our investors, and maintaining a strong track record, delivering best-in-market services for our corporate clients, allows us to be one of the forefront players in the industry. We are proud and confident of working with Infinity Real Estate Holdings and being their partner in achieving their IPO goal”, comments Mr. Amarit Sukhavanij, chief strategy officer of Bluebell Group.