Infinity Real Estate Holdings incorporated in Thailand is a hybrid asset investment fund company, with a core focus on luxury property asset development, entertainment, and other investment activities. Infinity Real Estate Holdings is essentially a real estate investment company backed by a Private Equity Fund hospitality assets in Thailand.

Infinity Real Estate Holdings also has various subsidiaries cementing its vertical integration strategy. The J Collection is not only a luxury hospitality brand that operates and manages its hospitality and serviced residential properties and recently a freshly inked JV to bring a renowned Singapore brand to Thailand – Samy’s Curry.

Our solid track record cements our reputation as a leading developer of luxury hospitality projects across Asia—known for our discernment of lucrative opportunities, incisive business acumen and delivering consistently outstanding returns.

Our stakeholders across the value chain benefit from this extensive, tested expertise and our strongly rooted networks in the region.



Redefining Real Estate Investments through innovative and avantgarde strategies, delivering class leading returns to stakeholders, by offering award winning products with first mover recognition in the industry.

Infinity Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd strives to redefine the Real Estate Industry offering a unique business proposition by being a hybrid Real Estate and Investment Fund Institution. At Infinity Real Estate Holdings, we push and challenge the limits by being a leader in the market offering innovative real estate and investment products through avantgarde strategies and precise business acumen. As a Real Estate Investment Institution, our Investors and stakeholders are our priority as such we ensure their best interest by offering class leading returns and benefits. The Real Estate and Entertainment Projects that we launch are best in the industry ensuring we offer the highest level of quality, service and specification, earning us a recognition in the industry as being nothing but the very best